Uptown Buffet

Uptown Buffet
Uptown Buffet

This splendid, deeply scalloped, semi-circular buffet makes an impressive statement. Its rounded front is accentuated by metal detailing that runs down the rib of each scallop for striking effect. Shaped out of Heathered Oak with a contemporary dry finish, two generous adjustable shelves hide behind the curved doors of this superb piece.


Price: $6,190 $3,714

Product Info

Features  Scalloped sides with inset metal trim to accent shape in the peaks. Two doors with tab pulls. Two adjustable shelves behind doors. Cord access hole in back panel. Top panel is radial matched veneer.
Finish  Heathered Oak

Product Dimensions (cm)  

182.88W x 60.96D x 91.44H cm

Material  Asian Hardwood, Qtr Flakey Oak

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