Modern Edge Vector Nightstand

Modern Edge Vector Nightstand

A softly bowed shape and rich mix of materials define this intriguing nightstand. Its bold silhouette is crafted of an engineered ebony and finished in Striated Ebony. Tapered, textured hardware and an inverted base give this nightstand bold, modern attitude. Two soft-close drawers and USB charging outlets make this refined piece as functional as it is fashionable. Offering its own signature style, this nightstand can hold its own next to any statement bed.

Price: $2,350

Product Info

Case is engineered ebony finished in Striated Ebony. Two drawers with soft close undermount guides. Top drawer back is notched with cord exit hole in back panel. USB charging outlets mounted on back panel. Wood stained drawer interiors in Ebony.

Width x Depth x Height

61cm x 48.5cm x 66cm

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