Bernhardt Parkin Nightstand

Bernhardt Parkin Nightstand
Bernhardt Parkin Nightstand
Bernhardt Interiors is a curated collection of luxury stand-alone home furnishings. Its nightstands and bachelor’s chests are among the most stunning. The three-drawer Parkin nightstand is defined by its one-of-a-kind gray hair-on hide finish. Sitting on a sleep stainless steel plinth base, and with white drawer lining and a black back, this outstanding nightstand is organic, warm and unusual.

Price: $6,834

Product Info
Gray hair-on-hide with saddle stitching. Note: Hair-on-Hide is a 100% natural product and will vary in shade and hair length. Three drawers with white painted interior and white felt lining. Polished stainless steel plinth base. Black painted back. Anti-tip kit.

Width x Height X Depth
32in x 29.75in x 19.75in

Hair-on-Hide / Wood / Stainless Steel
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