The Mirror Effect.

Adding that special design element with a wall mirror or wall mirrors can be a great way to elevate your indoor spaces from ordinary to extraordinary.

Wall mirrors serve as both decorative and functional aspects of home décor. Whether you’re working with a small sized room or a large, palatial room, a mirror can do wonders to liven up your décor. Wall mirrors are also a great way to brighten up any space since they reflect light. This is great for small spaces because a mirror will actually brighten the space and make it appear larger.

That is why decorating with wall mirrors is ideal in places such as the entryway and bathroom where space is limited. Mirrors can also be used in home décor just as would exquisite pieces of art. You can create eye-catching and elaborate wall groupings using wall mirrors by grouping one or more mirrors together with other exciting design elements such as flowers, art or sculpture.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when selecting the right wall mirror for your space is the frame of the mirror. The frame adds to the look of the mirror and identifies it with its particular style such as Traditional or Modern. Choosing a mirror with the wrong frame will make your mirror seem out of step with the rest of your décor. Other things to consider when shopping for the perfect wall mirror or group of wall mirrors is the size and shape of each individual mirror. You should have a good idea where you are going to place each mirror and how you are going to group them together before you make any final purchasing decisions.


  • Instead of purchasing one large mirror, explore the possibilities of purchasing a group of small mirrors. Doing so will add an element of design and interest that cannot be accomplished with other types of wall hangings. 
  • When using a group of mirrors, concentrate on choosing interesting frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. To create a cohesive grouping, you may want to consider using mirrors with the same or similarly colored frames.
  • When mounting your chosen wall mirror or mirrors on the wall, start by hanging the largest mirror first. Then, add your other mirrors to the grouping while making sure to space them evenly. Take into consideration what images will be captured in the mirror when you look at it from different angles
  • Be sure to place your wall mirrors in such a way that they reflect and highlight your room’s best features and detract from its not so great features.

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