Tips For Relaxing A 'Formal' Room

1) Really, the first way of relaxing a formal room would be bringing in a natural element. This instantly relaxes a home, nature is extremely pure and unassuming, there so bringing it into a home lightens the mood and makes it feel fresh.Natural textures from plants, wood tones etc..  

2)  When selecting fabrics & patterns for large pieces, steer away from overly traditional patterns like damasks in serious tones or fussier florals. Don't be afraid, however, to include them in small doses as a little nod to tradition. When things look a bit more effortless, less-planned and more imperfect, a room sort of exhales. 

3) Interest in rooms comes from juxtapositions, and so when the materials in a space play off of each other, it creates a sort of beautiful tension. This applies to both formal and informal homes, but is extremely important in relaxed-feeling homes because it adds to that not-so-planned feeling  mentioned. When things match too perfectly, a room feels less inviting, less warm,

4) For your General Furniture, To keep things relaxed, steer towards pieces with clean lines. Even a spare Louis XVI piece can feel casual in the right setting as opposed to a curly, scrolly piece Louis XV. 

5) wall art and pictures, a salon-style gallery wall feels a lot more relaxed than a perfect grid arrangement, adding a mix of frames (colours and styles) relaxes too.