The Modern Artisan

The Modern Artisan

In many ways, the Modern Artisan look encapsulates what modern living in a environmentally conscious, globally aware world is all about, which is celebrating the beauty in well-crafted, well-designed, clean-lined furnishings and everyday objects. Modern Artisan is the definition of ‘quality over quantity’, brought to life in an interior space, where it is better to have a few exceptionally well-made pieces, displayed with some order and care, imbued with the love and care of their maker, than lots of mass-produced ones.

Drawing inspiration for colour and textures from nature, a pared-back simplicity that somehow carries a whole lot of sophisticiation too; from a hand-thrown mug that bears the marks of the potters’ hands, to hand-chiselled utensils that are each a slightly different shape, in order to create the Modern Artisan ‘look’, we’re talking about a finely edited interior of the imperfectly perfect items that ‘speak’ of the action of making them and allowing the natural materials used to shine their own personality.

Not to be confused with the country lodge or hunting lodge interior, the overall aesthetic of this look is rather the opposite; very modern, comfortable and relaxed with clean lines and modern, unfussy forms. To really capture the essence of the style, you need to pick pieces that also remain true to the original materials used. Only a maker can hand-select exactly which piece of wood should be used to highlight the grain to its best effect, or make visible the malleable, sculptural properties of clay through the slightly imperfect finish of a hand-thrown plate, bowl or vase. It’s certainly a style that shares a lot with the Modern Rustic look for rusticity in a modern setting, the Modern Artisan look encourages new organic forms and subtle modern metals and glass, through a carefully selected neutral based colour-palette for accessories made from natural materials. The serene sophistication of the Modern Artisan look that's perfect for the eco decorator in all of us.

Pieces from different makers that combine varying styles, materials and colours can all be brought together in a layered look. Even though some of the pieces convey a handmade sensability, the overall look stays modern and elegant, with clean lines and modern materials mixed with wood and the textural elements of metal, leather, furs,natural fabrics and stone. Wood is revered and expected to speak the story of the tree itself. This decor style is modern but through its use of materials, but very obviously not mass-produced: instead it is warm and invitingly tactile and gives a sense of quality and endurance.  A touch of modern, eco-concious luxury is very important to lift the Modern Artisan interior to its true level of stye. 

Take time to research artisan furniture with beautiful modern design. It’s fantastic that these craftsman skills exist and are being used by new generations of designers. 

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