French Country Farmhouse

What is French Country Furniture?

French Country Furniture is a phrase that is used widely as a general term, the real French Country look actually hails from southern france, where simplicity and natural elements are key. 

Contemporary French country style, as it’s done in France today, is a lot more pared down than many people would expect. Instead of bling and heavy layers of fabric and patterns, the French will still prefer linen to silk, stone to marble and neutrals to bright colours. Architectural elements are brought indoors, old wood panelling is found and used on just one wall in a room, chairs are sometimes mismatched and even families who have inherited special pieces of furniture through the generations will manage to dress them down, so they lose some of their formality and fit in seamlessly with the neutral tones.

By adding the natural nuances of raw wood, stone, linen, basketware, and a eclectic mix of old and new, there is a beauty and a relaxed atmosphere which feels luxurious in its simplicity.

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