Worth Its Weight In Gold

Worth Its Weight In Gold

As glamorous as gold jewelery sparkling in the light, this brilliant glass console reflects beauty from every angle. It's crafted of clear glass panels and features a glass top, glass end panels, glass shelf and four clear glass doors-all gleamingly reflected in its mirrored back and bottom panels. An elegant Whisper of Gold finish envelops its plated metal frame, adding contrast to its luminous glass surfaces. It's the perfect piece for displaying favorite treasures and collections.

Price: $11,890

Product Info

Plated metal frame in 'Whisper of Gold' a mirror finish metal with just a whisper of gold colour!. Clear Glass top and end panels. Four clear glass doors with one center glass shelf. Mirrored back and bottom panels. 
Finish:  Whisper of Gold

Width x Depth x Height 

173cm x 41cm x 91.5cm

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